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I’m on track to retire wealthy, but there are still 4 money lessons I wish I’d learned before 40

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  • My husband and I are on track to retire wealthy, but we weren’t always smart with our money.
  • I wish we’d started investing sooner, and learned earlier that we could make more working for ourselves.
  • I’ve also learned that it’s possible to make some bad decisions and still do fine.

When my husband and I started getting serious about our finances in our late 20s, we naturally thought we had everything figured out. We believed we would live intensely frugal lives and work toward paying off every cent of debt we had, and that’s exactly what we did. However, we never thought much about what happens next, or how our attitudes about money might dramatically change as we aged.

The reality is, we became self-employed somewhere along the way and started earning more money. And, now that I’m preparing to turn 43 next month, I can say with certainty that we’re financially independent and on track to retire wealthy when our kids leave the house in seven years.

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