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I’m waiting for my dream Job

Source | LinkedIn : By Kamal Karanth A

What do you want to become I asked my 6 year old daughter.  Teacher’ she said without batting an eyelid, a year later she came to my office and stayed for half a day, that evening she came home to say “Appa’ When I grow up I want to become Kelly’s MD. We are now struggling with our succession plan 🙂 but then, is there any difference between a 7 year old and us when it comes to changing aspirations?

I think we are similar too, why does our ‘want’ keep changing? Human nature, too many options? But then we always talked about, read about, heard about dream jobs, but seems that it’s like a moving object. What’s a dream job then? The ‘one’ we aspire about all the time, the job we talked with twinkle in our eyes to our friends many times or a job we grew up fantasising about? I find it difficult to articulate…

When I was 8, I wanted to be a pilot, at 10 like Kapil Dev, at 12 Amitabh Bachchan, at 15 a politician, but @ 18 I was determined to be an ace  researcher and become a famous microbiologist, that was the only time I followed up studied and put some efforts to become a start-up version of a microbiologist, but at  22 I took another turn to become a sales guy in a Pharma company, then I thought becoming the CEO of a Pharma company would be cool as I saw my MD had grew up the ladder to become one. At 28 I felt I could become a CEO of a staffing company and at 37 I became one,  I should have called this my dream job and declared to myself and everyone that this is it, my dream job, but I didn’t,  every year I get kicked about a new job, so it’s become an endless journey.

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