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The Importance of Diversity Training for Your Customer Service Staff

Source | Jane Blanchard

Today, we live in a world where borders and boundaries are only relevant for geographic interpretations. There are multitudes of International corporations whose customer service staff is constantly dealing with the many diverse individuals from all walks of life. Whether the customer is racially, sexually, or culturally different from your customer service staff, they need to be prepared and adept at helping any and all individuals who are there seeking the products and services offered by your firm. And thus, so too must the antiquated ways and prejudices of previous generations go the way of the dinosaur.

The importance of diversity training being fostered within your employees helps to develop better and more understanding staff members while it also facilitates the efforts to increase revenue, expand the client base, and improve the workplace environment for everyone involves. The following details 5 core principles that develop diversity skills within your customer service employees:

  1. Respect – showing respect for every single customer is tantamount to offering unparalleled customer service. Every customer regardless of race, language, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, and sexual orientation deserves the utmost amount of respect from each and every employee. This will soon carry over to staff members respecting one another as well, which create a more inviting and stress free environment.
  2. Remove all Preconceived Notions – stereotyping of an individual is not only bad for your business but could cause further harm through negative publicity and lawsuits. All employees must be thoroughly taught to let go of their previously held conventions and see each person as an individual and not pigeon-hole them based on who or what they believe them to be. No one person is the same and thus characterizing certain customers as such is detrimental to your business.
  3. Be Attentive – by paying attention to the customer’s actions, voice inflections and professed needs, a customer service employee can quickly adjust their demeanor and personality to reflect what the customer wants from them in the form of personal attention.
  4. Be Compassionate – your customer service staff must learn to express a positive and supportive attitude towards clients. When a customer believes the staff is genuinely concerned about their needs, it disarms them and allows for better communication and flow. The client begins to establish a sense of trust in the employee and starts to rely on and value their opinion.
  5. Be the customer’s promoter – always look out for the customer’s best interest and this will also serve the best interests of the company. A greater rapport and trust will develop which will lend to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Each of the above diversity training principles will guide your customer service staff to higher levels of customer satisfaction while improving the overall environment in the workplace. Customers crave the spotlight and rightly so as they keep your businesses running. By having everyone on your customer service staff effectively catering to the client’s needs and emotions, you build up their own confidence and teach them the simple values of superior customer service. Everyone wants to be treated fairly, with respect and compassion – the simplest way to ingrain this in your employees is to remind them to think about how they would want to be treated as a customer.

About the Author:

Jane Blanchard is a Corporate Training and Development Consultant for Business Training Media, a leading provider of workplace training programs.

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