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Important Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Commercial Bathroom Partitions

By | Rachel Song

Whether you’re remodeling an old bathroom or designing a new bathroom one, buying the best commercial bathroom partition is crucial. It complements your architectural design and keeps the place looking stylish.

There are plenty of advantages that come with giving your commercial facility a face-lift, especially the bathroom. Regular clients often visit the restroom in your facility, so you’ll want to take the necessary steps to make it more inviting.

What to Consider

When purchasing commercial bathroom partitions, there are several variables in play: stall configurations, ordering process, and price, which are rather easy to assess.


Some suppliers have you covered irrespective of the environment you’re in and provide a wide array of choices. From areas with moist tropical environments, to areas with harsh winters, these suppliers have the ideal materials fitting to your conditions.


Some companies ship complete commercial bathroom partitions, as soon as possible, to your vicinity. You have to contact them directly at their hotline and even complete transactions online.

Why Commercial Bathroom Partitions Differ

Typically, most folks assume that all commercial restroom partitions are the same. However, this is not the case. They are all different. For privacy and comfort, bathroom users get the safety they need. However, some specific construction materials need to be taken into consideration.

Consequently, it becomes tough determining which of these is the best choice for your project. You’ve to follow the exact measurements. Understand that it’s also good to install different and varying partition types according to your project. Besides aesthetics, it would help if you always remember that it’s your clients and visitors who will use these stalls. So, you must go with what is ideal for them.

Classifications of Commercial Restroom Partitions

Steel Commercial Bathroom Partitions

Metallic bathroom partitions are some of the most durable options available in the market. They are more long-lasting than those manufactured from cork and word. Many bathroom operators prefer stainless steel bathroom partitions, as they are easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness.

Additionally, their design looks hygienic. They have a professional and sophisticated image that creates a unique design.

Plastic Laminate Commercial Bathroom Partitions

In terms of design and color, solid laminate and plastic doors are among the most flexible colors and configurations. It is the perfect choice for establishments that are very conscious of color branding. If you would like to incorporate a classical or modern twist according to your preference, you should consider custom plastic solutions.

Phenolic Commercial Restroom Partitions

Phenolic bathroom partitions are often preferred for their appealing midpoint. Also, compared to plastic ones phenolic bathroom partitions are less fragile. They are more sturdy, resilient and durable. Moreover, they are obtainable in solid colors and finishes, making them flexible in terms of looks and design.

One of the best things about phenolic bathroom partitions is that they are lightweight resilient. Compared to steel bathroom partitions phenolic bathroom partitions are less bulky. Also, compared to laminate and plastic bathroom partitions, phenolic bathroom partitions are more hardwearing depending on your needs.

How to make the right choice between the classifications

Making the right decision between the classifications of commercial restroom partitions for your commercial facility doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Provided you know exactly what you want when it comes to the desired outcome of your public facility.

Most importantly, consider the measurements and the overall outcome of your project. It must be practical and timeless. On the flip side, if you want your or commercial facility to be versatile, you’ve to take into account your partitions’ color palette.

Partitions in the bright color palette or color-branded partitions are beneficial and better in school bathrooms. However, ease of use and resilience are most probably relied upon in public buildings and offices.

Accessibility is another key thing to take into account. Different people with different abilities, such as kids, millennials, and older people will use commercial washrooms. In other words, you’ve to consider all kinds of people who might use your restrooms.

Important Things to Remember

When choosing which of these public toilet partitions to purchase, the most effective ones are sturdy, so they will last for many years. Likewise, when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, you have to go for the easiest to clean and maintain. Moreover, you should also consider partitions that are hardwearing and can withstand malicious damages and vandalism.

Most importantly, make sure your bathroom partitions are appealing in visual worth and design, and hygienic. Lastly, your accessories must complement the overall design and look of your lavatory. For example, towel dispensers and modern metallic handrails complement best with steel partitions than laminate or plastic partitions.

Commercial bathroom partitions can change how your clients perceive your business and are certainly a valuable addition to your facility.


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