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Improving Empathy at Work: 20 Tips for Success

Improving your ability to empathize is an important skill to develop in the workplace. Despite the fact that 98% of all people have the physical ability to empathize, many people find it difficult–especially while on the job.

Lack of empathy in the workplace has shown to negatively impact productivity, lead to conflicts with colleagues, and damage your reputation at the office. It’s always more pleasant when everyone at work gets along, so honing these skills is imperative.

Research shows that consumers prefer to work with brands that understand their needs. In fact, 42% of people won’t do business with a company they feel is not empathetic. Brand image starts from within, so having a culture of understanding and empathy is key.

If you or your employees struggle with empathy in the workplace, they can try these empathy boosters like traveling to new locations, learning new skills, reading emotionally-driven books, or engaging in philosophical conversations.

To learn even more about how important empathy in the workplace is and learn more tips, check out this visual from GetCRM below.

These tips will help you be more empathetic at work and build better relationships with your colleagues and clients alike.

You’ll be amazed by how much of a difference smiling more or using your coworker’s name can make—simple actions like these will make you seem more empathic at work.

Whether you’re interacting with a colleague, friend, or even an angry customer—showing empathy will help you build better relationships in all facets of your life.


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