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Improving the Employee Experience? Build Leaders Who are Talent Managers

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  • Leaders define the experience of the employees in your organization. Leaders who engage the hearts, minds, and hands of their employees communicate, create aligned direction, build competency, provide resources, and create a positive work environment.

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The most important thing a leader or HR professional can give any employee is an organization that wins in the marketplace because then the employee experience is possible. Leaders who are able to engage the hearts, minds, and hands of the people on their team or in their organization have significant impact on financial and customer results.  These talent managers bring out the best and most from their team in order for everyone involved to succeed. They create an environment at work where individuals can and want to give the discretionary efforts that build agile, high-performing organizations who win.  

Outlined below are five keys to ensuring the talent in your organization is fully engaged. Building leaders with these behaviors requires an act of will, and even courage, to make them happen consistently. But once established and ingrained in the culture of the organization, talent managers deliver employee experiences that generate high-performance.

Key #1: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

Leaders who are serious about engaging and developing talent, connect with employees candidly through honest, open and two-way dialogues. Employees need to understand why they are there, what is expected from them, how their work connects to the organization’s larger mission, and how well they are doing.

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