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Improvisation: Developing Creative Freedom | Pearce Littler | TEDxYouth@ASF

Source | YouTube | TEDx Talks

When you think of improvisation, you probably think of a theatre troupe or a jazz performance, not of an incredibly powerful tool untapped by most. Yet that, Pearce argues, is exactly what it is. In his talk, he lays out the many concrete benefits of improvisation (or, as he calls it, “spontaneous creation”) and teaches us how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I have been working as a music educator for the last 6 years between the US and Mexico, and have been practicing as a violinist and choral singer for 18. During that time, I have come to appreciate how the practice of improvisation has helped me – and the ensembles I work with – in the creative process. After many different experiences, I have also come to believe strongly that the principles of improvisation can be applied to any field and any type of creativity

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