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In a first in India, RPG allows all sales employees to now work from home permanently

Source | | Namrata Singh, TNN

Mumbai: In a breakaway from traditional norms, RPG Enterprises has become the first Indian diversified conglomerate to do a permanent reset in its workplace policy around the work-from-home practice.

The $4 billion group, which has a presence in tyres, IT, health, energy, infrastructure and plantations, has framed a new policy wherein all its sales people will permanently work remotely, whileother employees would WFH 50% of the time. For office-based staff, this can extend to 75% in special cases.

In a month, an office-based employee can work two weeks from home, and in special cases, he/she can work remotely for three weeks.

At present, office-based staff awork entirely from home due to the pandemic, with the group unanimously keeping all its offices shut.

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