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In a Messy Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit? Here’s is What Your Should Do to Protect Your Company

By | Sophia Jacob

Every firm strives to be the perfect example for employee retention and their utmost comfort in the company. As every company needs a fair share of talented employees to form the part and always stay satisfied with it, there will be times when you have to take drastic measures for the sake of the business. One of the most difficult tasks for any employer can be firing an employee.

No matter what your experience or post is, breaking the news to an employee can always be a big downer. And to top it up, the employee can go ahead and file a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal. This can be harsh response and can really hurt your business and its image. So before letting another employee go and get into lawsuit mess, take the following important tips that can help with better outcomes:

Give Someone Else the Authority

Yes, it may not sound like the brightest idea to hand over the authority to someone else in the company to deliver upsetting news; however, it can turn out for the best. For instance, if more than a few people including you in your company are given the authority to fire and appoint employees it can become a weapon in court for the dismissed employee. There can be allegations of discrimination, unjust behavior and several other evidences for the employee to prepare easily due to the amount of people involved. In this case, it’s best to maintain one member of supervisors than a team of them to hire and fire. A separate dedicated employee for this task can also help you save face and make just decisions for their role.

Retain Disposition of Policies on All Employees

It can have diverse affects if a set of employees get a different valuation for wrong behavior than the others. And if they are fired for their misbehavior while the other party is retained at a job, this can easily become a wrongful dismissal case. For this matter, you need to review your termination policies and employee personal profiles to ensure that they have been given just warnings and if they are capable of a termination or not.


Manifesting documentation for every single thing that happens inside a company is a great strategy for its success and resistance. This can also prove fruitful with all the employees for keeping logs of their behaviors and recording everything they do in their time in the company. You can appoint an experienced wrongful dismissal attorney for knowing the right documenting strategies so that you have materials to support you in court and come out of a wrongful dismissal unharmed. While going through all this, try not to get involved in other families disputes. You should contact a chicago divorce lawyer for consultation, but file any cases until you are done with the current mess. 

Provide Future Help

Most employees that move toward wrongful dismissal lawsuits, other than the authentic ones, may go for it due to being scared of the future for not having a good enough job again. In this area, you can help change things around in the company’s firing processes and actually provide paths for better opportunities for employees. In this manner, they won’t feel as dejected by your decision or have a need to go to court.


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