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Include Independents—and Joe Rogan—in the 2024 Presidential Debates

And Bid Adieu to Your Grandparents' Curated Contests.

By | James Strock |

US presidential debates are overdue for a refresh. It may come in the 2024 election season.

Getting the update right may be just the jolt required to disrupt the tired, outdated, self-serving partisan duopoly that’s holding the nation and the world hostage to America’s dysfunctional governance.

An opportunity for change is rapping insistently at the door. The Republican Party is balking at participating in the next election cycle. Should the Republicans follow through on this threat, the current presidential debate system will end.

No matter what your partisan affiliation, if you’re a voter this might be a good thing.

Who Decides?

In a fit of absent mindedness, the American people have reposed administration of presidential debates with an unaccountable group of insiders who reliably represent the status quo: the Commission on Presidential Debates.

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