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Independence Day; Reflecting on the Leadership Lessons of Mahatma Gandhi

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Arun Kumar , CEO KPMG India 

Sharing with you my Independence Day message to my KPMG colleagues: reflections on leadership lessons from Mahatma Gandhi and on the lasting impact of the founders of a nation.

As we celebrate Independence Day, we can take pride in India’s journey over the last 70 years. We have made progress in almost every dimension of human development alongside 40-fold GDP growth and 25-fold growth of per capita income over this period. But as a country we have many challenges ahead, much more to do. While the percentage of people living in poverty has declined from 50% to under 20%, in absolute terms the number of poor people is higher by 50 million than in 1947. Given the energy and innovation potential of India’s young people and the commitment of political leadership at the centre and most states, I am strongly optimistic about India.

KPMG in India is a proud partner in India’s progress. We are engaged in every one of Prime Minister Modi’s programs and we work with the leadership of a number of states. We are a firm of some of the smartest and most highly motivated people in India. The trust that our clients have in us is testimony to the quality of our work. Bound together by our KPMG story and our higher purpose of Inspiring Confidence and Empowering Change, our motivations are strongly aligned with India’s needs.

On this special Independence Day, I thought it would be fitting to reflect on the leadership principles of Mahatma Gandhi. We have so much to learn from his timeless example and lessons. Let me share with you a few aspects of Gandhi’s leadership that particularly apply to our journey.

First, Gandhi was a seeker of truth. This is core to what we do in our work, and we do this well. Taking a larger view, we must remember that Gandhi’s concept of truth and integrity is a profound one, where even laudable ends cannot be justified by ignoble means.


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