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Indian Army is among the very few institutions that every Indian is proud of. Today on the 71st Independence Day of India let us take some key learning from the Indian Army to emerge as a champion.


1. Be The Well Rounded Personality.

When you speak to any of the personnel from the Indian Army you will experience that they are knowledgeable, skilled and highly capable individuals. They pursue different interest from music to wrestling. They are the individual with varied interests and hobbies.


2. Have The Rock Determination.

Indian Army is so determined that no odds could have ever been successful in shaking them. They have always been focused on their goals despite the incredible odds.


3. Live, Work And Perform In The Most Harsh Conditions

Whether they are diploid at Siachen with (-)50 degree Celsius or at Rajasthan with (+) 50 degree Celsius they are always focused and have been the winner. We have history to prove this.


I am sure now you will never have to complain about your present conditions now!

4. Practice When Nobody Is Watching

Indian Army is known for its training discipline worldwide. Fights are not every day. But they believe in practice every day without fail. This is because they want to give their best performance when the time demands so.


Isn’t that makes a lot of sense in our life? We too don’t have to perform each day. But are we training ourselves good enough each day so that we can give our best when the time right?  Think about it!

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5. Work For A Higher Purpose

Indian Army is a classic example of selflessness. They are so much immersed in national love that makes them go beyond their own comfort zone and perform like a pro.


Though for the soul: How would a balance sheet of an organization look like if they build similar pride among their employees and stakeholders?


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