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Indian Developers are Not Good in India but When they reach USA they become Google & Microsoft CEO.

Source | LinkedIn : By Mayank Pratap

USA Client Said, “Indian Developers are Not Good.”

I replied Indian developers are not good in India, but When they reach the USA they become Google & Microsoft CEO.

Second Question I asked? “What all challenges you have faced while hiring freelancers or remote team?

The replies were

  1. lack of professionalism, failed on-time delivery, unavailability on peak hours, incompetency etc.

2. Contrary to the common belief, the problem here is not with the developers but in the process that involves taking right decisions. Issues related to professionalism, quality of work, on-time delivery etc can be resolved as soon as we ensure the selection of the right candidate.

By the term ‘right candidate’ we mean someone who is not only technically competent to the job description but also aligns himself or relates to our values, culture and thought process. A person with the right attitude can be trained to perform the job however vice-versa is very difficult to get on with.

In India, start-ups mainly focus on the skills required to perform a job whereas in abroad, companies build themselves up on the strong foundation of culturally aligned and like-minded people. The best example is Airbnb. Culture can become the crux of any business model for its sustainable development and growth over a longer period of time.

Now here I am going to acquaint you with the prevailing misconceptions and criteria for making selection and how to fix these problems.

1: It is not the company which builds the application; it is the people inside the company:

Let’s say some 10 years experienced developers leave their current jobs to set up a startup. This startup with experienced people is liable to work with more efficiency than inexperienced candidates from a big company.

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