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Do Indian Employers resent giving you Annual Leave?

Source |  |  BY:Prabhakar munkur ,  chief mentor , HGS  Interactive 

I moved from a global company after many years to a local promoter led company, and I couldn’t help feeling the resistance to granting me my annual leave.

The first time I applied for leave I was told that the company was not doing as well as it should and that my going on leave would affect the company’s performance further. While it did sound a bit stretched at the time, the guilt that my boss induced in me was quite profound and effective. I was made to feel that I was indispensable to the betterment of the company.

But when it happened the second time and the third time, I did suspect that it had nothing to do with the company’s performance, but more to do with a general resentment to granting leave. Another colleague who unlike me went on leave dis-regarding the pleas of the owner of the company, was perpetually harassed with phone calls and other errands while he was on leave. I couldn’t help but feel that, these interruptions to my colleagues’ leave was purposeful and was meant to disrupt his holiday and make him feel guilty that he was away and how the company was suffering because he was on leave.


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