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Indian youth is a strange mix of conservative and liberal attitudes: Survey

Source |  | By:  Charmy Harikrishnan,

On a warm summer evening, Ruchika Goswami steps out of a South Delhi mall after a quick shopping. The 19-year-old Delhi University student has darted out of a Forever 21 store and snagged a couple of pieces from H & M. It is a Thursday and the mall is in a weekday stupor. She holds another shopping bag from Happily Unmarried. Would she want to get married, someday? Yes, she says with a laugh. Love marriage or arranged marriage? Love marriage. Does she think a woman should work after marriage? Of course, says Goswami, who is in the first year of bachelor’s degree in biological science. Should a woman listen to her husband? Not at all, she says firmly, as dusk falls over the mall and the trees glow under the lamps. Does she think there should be reservation in colleges for Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe students? No, there should be equal opportunity for everyone.

Goswami, who is from Nainital, lives with her cousins, Monika and Suman, and watches movies once in a while with them. But there are films that hurt religious sentiments. Should they be banned? No, she shakes her head. Does she eat out? She is a health freak, her cousin Suman pitches in, and doesn’t go to restaurants. Is she a vegetarian? Of course, not. Should beef be banned? Certainly, she says. And her cousins agree. “Cow is like our god. It should not be killed.”



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