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Inflexion Point, Best of 2020

By | Dr Pavan Soni | IIM-B Innovation Evangelist

By no means a remarkable year, 2020, but it was certainly instructive.

Here’re the top pics from the space of innovation, creativity, culture, digital, leadership and technology from the year. Hope you find this compilation useful.

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Also check out the previous compilations here: 201920182017201620152014201320122011

Take care and have a ‘different’ year ahead. 


Taking the measure of innovation (McKinsey & Co)

Building a culture of experimentation (HBR)

How Apple is organized for innovation (HBR)

35 Innovators Under 35 (MIT TR)

Most innovative companies ranking over time (BCG)

100 best inventions of 2020 (Time)

World’s most innovative companies (Forbes)

10 types of innovation (World Economic Forum)

Most innovative cities in the world (World Economic Forum)

Building a R&D strategy for modern times (McKinsey)


A subordinate’s criticism can make you more creative (HBR)

Harnessing everyday genius (HBR)

Why are some people more creative than others (Scientific American)

Does listening to music stimulate creative thinking? (Time)

Humanity is stuck in short term thinking. Here’s how to escape (MIT TR)

Being bored can be good for you. If you do it right (Time)

The greatest designs of modern times (Fortune)

World changing ideas 2020 (Fast Company)

Zapping the brain improves creativity (The Economist)


Fielding high performance innovation teams (McKinsey & Co)

The new analytics of culture (HBR)

Cultural innovation (HBR)

Four principles to ensure hybrid work is productive work (MIT SMR)

Overcoming the four big barriers to innovation success (BCG)

How Dow has kept innovation humming during pandemic (Fortune)

Can Reed Hastings preserve Netflix’s culture of innovation (The Economist)

The long path to inclusivity (MIT TR)

What businesses can learn from the arts (The Economist)


Learning from Google’s digital culture (McKinsey & Co)

Competing in the age of AI (HBR)

Discovery driven digital transformation (HBR)

For AI to get creative, it must learn the rules, then how to break them (Scientific American)

How to win with machine learning (HBR)

What quantum computers reveal about innovation (The Economist)

From chief technology officer to CEO (World Economic Forum)


Leadership at scale (McKinsey & Co)

How to develop your leadership style (HBR)

Nine leadership lessons 2020 gave us (MIT SMR)

Being the agile boss (MIT SMR)

World’s 25 greatest leaders: Heroes of pandemic (Fortune)

This is what leadership will be in 2030 (Forbes)

Global Competitiveness Report 2020 (World Economic Forum)

The business case of diversity at workplace is now overwhelming (World Economic Forum)

What Biden means for big-tech (MIT TR)

Global CEO study (IBM)


Beyond silicon valley (HBR)

The 11 sources of disruption every company must monitor (MIT SMR)

The new disruptors (MIT SMR)

COVID-19 and geopolitics of American decline (MIT TR)

We’re not prepared for the end of Moore’s law (MIT TR)

Breakthrough technologies of 2020 (MIT TR)

Can AI create true art? (Scientific American)

The 20 most successful technology failures of all time (Time)

22 ideas about to change our world (BBC)

Republished with permission and originally published at Dr. Pavan Soni’s LinkedIn

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