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Infosys faces lawsuit in US for ‘not paying overtime’

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Infosys faces a lawsuit by a former employee for failure to pay overtime, an issue that has dogged the company before and one that may result in a US Department of Labor investigation, documents accessed by ET show.

Anuj Kapoor, a former employee on a CVS project in Rhode Island, filed the suit against Infosys in June, alleging the company made him work more than 1,000 hours of overtime without pay. The company responded in August, stating that the employee was an ‘hourly’ worker on an H1-B visa even though Infosys had listed him as a salaried employee in an application with the Department of Labor, a potential reason for its Wage and Hour Division to look into the case.

Kapoor said in the court filings that he was required to work 11-hour days at times and was paid for eight hours or fewer as CVS ‘refused to be billed for overtime wages.’

Kapoor’s manager allegedly told him that overtime would not be paid and employees who refused to work more than 40 hours a week would be sent back to India. The suit claims the manager said that extra work would be provided without billing because Infosys was looking to replace a competing company as CVS’ primary software service vendor.

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