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Infosys staff to get real-time feedback

Source | The Hindu

Employees in India’s second largest IT services provider Infosys will soon be able to receive real-time feedback to on their performance, through a mobile application that the company is now developing. The new application will also help the employees gather feedback from team members on a real-time basis. The move from the software major is part of the ‘renew and new’ strategy introduced by its CEO Vishal Sikka.

According to a senior official, the company has not finalised on the nature of the application, its functionalities and features. However, the official said the main objective of launching such an application is to give employees real-time feedback on a regular basis.

Earlier, Infosys had scrapped the Bell Curve system of appraisal for its employees and had launched a new system called as ‘iCount’. Under the new system the company measures the performance of the employees based on certain targets assigned to them. The company may turn the iCount system into an application.

“Through the (iCount) system we are trying to give feedback to employees that are more objective and developmental in nature. We believe that feedback should also be future-focused,” said Krish Shankar, Executive Vice President Group Head-Human Resources, Infosys.

The company had also rolled out an initiative called ‘anytime feedback’, as part of its new performance appraisal system iCount. Under this, an employee can get feedback from his team members on a real-time basis.

Appraisal vs feedback

“The performance appraisal can be done in a cycle but giving feedback should be real-time. We want to use the concept of crowd-sourcing in our employee feedback, where a person can get feedback from many members in a team,” added Mr Shankar.

Infosys has attempted to stem employee attrition through such initiatives. For the quarter ended June 30, 2016 the attrition rate went up to 21 per cent from 17.3 per cent as against the previous quarter. In another move, Infosys has decided to offer Restricted Stock Option to a total of 7,898 high-performing employees’ up to mid-level managers of the company and its subsidiaries.

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