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The Inglorious 6 – HR Types to Avoid

Source |  |  BY:Meiraj Hussain , Group HR Director

Here’s is my share of the Inglorious 6 HR types. I hope you’ll enjoy the read and it will put a smile of familiarity on your face !

 1. The Master Of Admin – This HR Leader believes their departments primary role is to do administration of HR requests like certificates and ensure payroll is completed. Beyond this, their mind gets blurred ! This is a common trap for HR folks and I have seen many organizations and people in the profession limit themselves to this. If you find yourself in this situation, suggest you read more HR articles and expand the scope of your role. Take at least one hour a day to focus on connecting with your employees, making time for an office walkabout and listening more. Try doing a few sessions with your people on something you know will add value to their lives. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the goodwill these small acts generate and it will spur your confidence to do more. Slowly but surely, you stand a chance to move from inglorious to glorious !

 2.The HR Smoothie – This is someone who has mastered flattery and packaging “HR Speak”. Typically, they’ve read most HR articles on trends, subscribe to several HR magazines and read them from cover to cover. An ordinarily smart but non-HR person gets bamboozled within a few minutes of initiating a dialogue. This individual has an inability to translate most things they read and theorize about for the practical benefit of their employer. The real challenges their organisation faces relating to people can be likened to a tall mountain. Shortly after attempting any climb, this person succumbs to altitude sickness and needs oxygen therapy and a long rest to reflect on the enormity of the task ahead and its dangers ! They steer well clear of execution of most tasks, comfortable in the “ivory tower” of debate and conjecture with a small team of like-minded fellow employees. This individual forgot a long time ago that HR is a balanced profession for practical people who can make things happen and create “wow factor” employee experiences that delight people at all levels of the organization and create performance and ROI for their employer.

3. The Merchant of Gossip –  This person loves to know what’s going on everywhere. In fact, their reason for entering the HR profession was to know what’s happening “behind the curtain”. They use this as a form of power often exchanging morsels of news with people internally and sometimes have a series of “insider spies” with whom they share HR secrets reward indirectly. This person does not belong in the HR department since the value set is not right to begin with. If you’re a HR leader & you have someone like this in your department, fix this immediately or manage them out, otherwise your departments credibility will eventually perish and that unsavory smell will linger long after the person stops their corridor whispers. You clearly made a big hiring mistake that could cost you dearly.


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