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Innovating in large, diverse organizations: The Tata Way


We all understand the innovation imperative, but making it happen, consistently, involving almost half-a-million people at setups as diverse as from salt to steel and software, and in organizations over a century old is quite something. Ravi Arora, a Tata veteran and a good friend, offers a very detailed and research backed peep into what worked in the case of Tata Group.

Tata Group, one of India’s largest and, arguably, the most respected business groups, has been instrumental in bringing about several innovations around employee welfare, community building, product innovation, process innovations, and even business model innovations, but for a fairly long time lacked a systematic and comprehensive approach to managing and measuring innovation performance. Tata Innovista, championed by R Gopalakrishnan, shepherded by Ravi Arora and his team, and blessed by Ratan Tata was one such attempt in bringing the might of the Group to bearing.

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