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Innovation breaks into HR business priority hit list

Source | diginomica : By Janine Milne

Innovation has muscled into the list of top business priorities, according to the bi-annual Charted Institute of Professional Development (CIPD)/Workday leaders’ survey.

While cost management retains pole position, innovation has grabbed a top five spot for the first time in the survey, which compares the views of HR and other business leaders. Some 35% of HR and 32% of other business leaders pinpoint innovation as a strategic priority.

Dr Jill Miller, research advisor at the CIPD, believes that prioritizing cost management is just the new normal, but organizations are learning to think more creatively against this penny-pinching backdrop:

We know organizations are thinking differently, both in ways of working and how they deliver things and how they manage their people – which is great news – but we haven’t actually seen in it called out as priority before.

While it was encouraging that HR and other leaders broadly agreed on their organizations’ strategic goals, there were also some areas of discord, most notably over HR analytics.

An impressive 92% of the HR respondents said they were doing some kind of HR analytics and over three-quarters of them believed that it was having an impact on their ability to contribute strategically.

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Source : CIPD/Workday

While HR is clearly committed to people analytics, their efforts weren’t necessarily appreciated fully by the rest of the business.

Fewer than half (49%) of non-HR business leaders, for example, thought that HR analytics was an important tool for HR to deliver strategic value. In fact, 28% non-HR leaders said they didn’t even know what analytic capabilities their HR department possessed.

Added to that, 28% of the business leaders said their HR department didn’t share analytics findings, while just 12% of HR leaders agreed with this view.

Miller believes this disconnect reveals that although HR is working hard to provide business insights

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