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Innovation Resolutions for 2019

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Why do we make resolutions to do something different from the new year? Would it be any different if we made a resolution from some other date of the year? Can one resolve to innovative? Read on to find answers.

Innovation Resolution for 2019

Creativity, Innovation, Creative, DiversitySocial Psychologist Katherine Milkman speaks about the mental accounting that we do to create landmarks that show the passage of time. According to her research if you reframe any day as a fresh beginning, you can make significant progress towards achieving your goals. So the real magic does not lie in waiting for the new year to start on your goal. It can any day – even today. And especially today. All that it needs is a reframing in your mind to say that you are making a new beginning. To quote Prof Milkman

“Google searches for the term “diet”, gym visits, and commitments to pursue goals all increase following temporal landmarks (e.g., the start of a new week, month, year, or semester; a birthday; a holiday). We further show that re-framing the same day as a meaningful temporal landmark increases engagement in goal-directed behaviors.”

Each such landmark eg a new calendar year, a birthday, significant life event or even a plain old Monday can be a reason to leave the imperfect me behind and create a better version of myself.

Resolutions from my previous years

In 2013 I experimented with two ideas – Make my resolutions public. And make many of them. I eventually made not one but thirteen resolutions. <read them here> While I did not achieve all of them, I did achieve many and made reasonable progress on the others.

In 2014 I resolved to spend time with Millennials

“I will hold weekly conversations with millennials to understand how they dream. We have enough twenty somethings in Wipro!”

In 2015 I had made a shorter list of resolutions. <click here>

I want to create a Curious Novice Conference. All the speakers should be people who can reframe conventional problems through the eyes of a curious novice.

[This comes directly from Abhijit’s 2014 resolution “I will hold weekly conversations with millennials to understand how they dream. We have enough twenty somethings in Wipro!” and reflects his observation that

“I have had enough conversations with them to know that we should a Curious Novice Conference this year. They have such innovative solutions for problems that experienced professionals can’t reframe.”

Innovation Resolution for 2019

“I will leverage the ideas that emerge from ‘weak ties’. These are people who are in the network of my friends but are strangers to me. That will expose me to new disciplines, new perspectives and often opposing belief systems. Innovation often occurs when I can connect the familiar with the unfamiliar.”

Read more innovation resolutions for 2019 made by others <click here>

Innovation Resolution for 2018

resolution, innovationIt is time to create new models of learning and leadership for a world where exponential technology is shaping how we work. Bringing an interdisciplinary lens to explore new models of leadership learning is my innovation resolution.

Using the lens of performing arts will help me look at leadership behavior with a fresh perspective, I will collaborate with a National Award winning actor from Bollywood – Ashish Vidyarthi to create an offering called Leadership Theater, based on working with “new teams assembled based on the specific needs of that moment and with a limited financial commitment.”

Read more innovation resolutions made for 2018 <click here>

Innovations that get implemented and go viral are the ones that have stories that capture our imagination. Ideas travel faster when they ride on the wings of stories. This year I want to improve my storytelling skills by doing the following:

a)      Take notes when innovators and entrepreneurs tell their stories

b)      Improve visual storytelling skills by drawing something every day

c)       Listen to podcasts of storytellers, marketeers & screen writers

Some more ideas on Creativity

Have a question or just say hi. Write to me at abhijitbhaduri@live.com I have worked with teams to make them more innovative. Innovation can be learned.

Republished with permission and originally published at abhijitbhaduri.com

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