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Innovative Ways to Display Donors to Your Business

By | Samantha Higgins

Your donors are the backbone of your business. Not only do they support you with financial gifts, but they also support you as stewards for your mission.

You would not be able to reach your audience and deliver your services without support from your donors. How do you properly acknowledge them? How do you use the latest innovations?

If you want to display the donors to your business, you should consider these five great ideas.

1. Donor Walls

You have several types of donor walls from which you can choose. Even your more traditional walls made of wood and plaques have grown to include better and more effective ingredients.

But due to the evolution of digital technologies, you could also install a digital donor wall. Just like a more traditional wall, your digital wall can add class and style to your entire space. And, of course, your donors will be very impressed.

2. Marketing

If you use direct mail, you have even better methods to use for your forecasting nowadays. You can reach your target audience much faster, of course, and you also can get better results. When it comes to paper marketing, you need to know the latest trends. Be sure to check online or look for videos that make this even easier for you.

You can also turn to earned media to market the support your have from donors, and you can grab attention through billboards. Traditional media also has room for more creative content, now. Ask your media contacts to comprise an effective piece about your donors and share online. And billboards today use some of the coolest technology upgrades out-there to display all kinds of needs.

3. Social Media

Are you using social media to recognize your donors? Organizations have been making the most out of social media platforms for years now, but that does not mean you can’t jump on the wagon today. You need to make sure it is consistent, though.

You must be sure to tag and mention all of your donors when applicable. Everyone benefits from positive PR, and your donors will love that you thought of them. You can also tie your online donor acknowledgments into solicitations from the general public. The improvements toward precise social media outreach could rake in even more dough for your team.

4. Video

Video is very personable, and you can create compelling content. You can honor your donors through tribute videos. Or, feel free to ask your donors to go on video to comment on why your services are important. You can use those types of videos to raise more money.

You need to be certain that your video is shot with the best quality. Do not forget to have videos at different time lengths, so that you can use different platforms and technologies. And always be certain to save your video in the correct file format.

5. Gift Baskets

Have you ever considered giving your donors gift baskets? If not, you should really look into this. You don’t have to spend much money if any money at all. All of your supplies could be donated through in-kind contributions. If you have a budget for this, you could also turn to any of the new and innovative gift basket companies.

You should look for gifts that match your donors’ personalities. You can use items like art, candles, non-perishable food, stationary, and wine. And when able, you should always try to throw in a few items with your logo on them, too.

Innovative Doesn’t Mean Difficult for You to Use

Each of the 5 tips you just read about can work wonders for you. You can finally give your donors the recognition they deserve. Now, while it’s true that you can learn even more about the above five strategies, you did just get the gist of what’s most important.

Do you have your plan set in stone, now?

You should bookmark this page or email it to yourself for easy reference. You can check it often to make sure you are on track with your efforts to display your donors. You can make sure you are using innovation where it will have the most impact.


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