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Insecure Leaders poison the culture & ultimately drive the organization to the ground

Source | LinkedIn | Kinjl Choudhary | Senior Vice President Human Resources at Paytm

Insecure leader (am not sure if the term “insecure” can ever be followed by the term “leader” ever, but would continue with that for the sake of simplicity) is one who is perennially paranoid about holding onto his/ her position. While the genesis of this insecurity can arise for multiple reasons but the manifestation is usually quite similar across such leaders. 

Insecure leaders have an uncanny capacity to poison the culture of the organization where they thrive in because a healthy culture does not allow breeding of insecure leaders. Hence in order for the insecure leader to thrive, it is necessary for him/ her to poison the culture. The poisoning of the culture usually happens by creating a blame game and pointing fingers for whatever goes wrong instead of trying to fix the problem. The other way in which these insecure leaders poison the culture is by playing a divide – and- rule politics which helps them thrive in an atmosphere of mistrust and uncertainty which that creates.

I have once seen such a leader from close quarters and the impact that it had on the organization, not just from a culture perspective, but had far reaching consequences on the business results of the organization itself. The malaise of an insecure leader spreads like cancer in the organization and the more senior the person is in the organizational hierarchy, the more devastating is the impact. The only way out is to remove the cancerous leader from the organization, though sometimes it is too late to save the organization from going under. However, in several cases, it just takes too long to remove the insecure leader in time to save the organization from complete devastation, especially if this individual hold a position of high authority.

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