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Inside the brilliant mind of Simon Sinek

Get inside the the brilliant mind of Simon Sinek, I promise you’ll be inspired by this interview. We discuss things like courage, leadership, purpose and being and entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did being there in person.

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  1. Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for watching! I've been making Youtube videos since 2010. This channel is for you so I hope you'll SUBSCRIBE. I've interviewed over 100 of the most AMAZING, innovative and creative entrepreneurs here so you can learn their secrets to success. Here's a video about why i made this… Leave a comment and say hi ~Bryan Elliott

  2. U like to gamble ? You wanna bet in this uncertain business full of chaos complex regulations in the outer space ( the horizon area with rocks and rolls , fire and bad water , sexual , camera , spectrum wifi , Silicon Valley, disease ,guns, victims) ?….:) wanna play ?

  3. The kids who didn't have parents or real families in these society …there are plenty …deep inside of them I can feel their pains…the pains that will never heal no matter the things already fixed or already passed that moment… you think every single kids who passed the judgement day in life ….how many of them won't feel the same ….or how many of them … don't feel better at all because of losing some ……( ………….. which won't have a chance to make it good , back in life any more … )

    If someone said … u need to take someone u don't know him , and take his sin…and handle that sin with your willing …:) …..and …. if you will feeling ok…to handle ,take your friends 's sins or your parents, partners sins instead …the stranger people sin… ?

    You can wash away someone else sin or you can pay for someone sin who didn't have money to paid for their own sin….do you think … sin can give or share or throw or ….put in as a trap for the stupid kids to step on it…to add more sin with their own sin, guilty … make more debt…without the hope or job which the society playing game with god 's torturing ….the alien who didn't have the jacket or the protection skinned ..the kids need to pay full prize for the beautiful skin to have to right being , living , having those great society …….?

  4. I believe in u , I got ur back …in the relationship? What does it means ..I don't get it.. to feel safe …? Are u trying to fool the kids …..when the kids asking the answer …but the silence is what they get it back … is it called safety

  5. FAITH : means …… it likes the road of kid' s journey on the crack path and get lost in life everything in the matrix ..without help , hope, or …someone who honest care for them …

  6. U said it is not about the money … ( and …u mention about we have to love with our job…( u mean the kids who working under cover they love their jobs right , but for the rigs and the stupid kids who didn't love with what they are doing for living right now do u think they can make them feeling love with their jobs for real when they know the truth of the secret that ..the world said… it is fine …u girls can do whatever u want …there is no traps or holes , crack black holes that will suck them fall inside…OR…WHAT EXACTLY U TRY TO TEACH THESE KIDS… : respect …or ….the wrong power and the Side…or.. the unforgiving?

  7. 27:00 This can resignate with ALL of us at this time with our President and it's government. Dictators fear their people ONLY when the people are as one. If there is division amongst the people dictators will forever hold power. If you pay attention to what's going on in the U.S this eerily sounds similar to the scenario that's going on at this exact moment. The government and high power corporations develop social media apps to distract and it allows people to freely voice their opinion. This is bad because this is the beginning to dividing poeple. Simply because not everyone's opinion fits well with the next person and thus creates animosity amongst certain groups or individuals. Is this intentionally being done/ a way of foreshadowing something bad or tragic with all of us in the future? Social media forms groups that fight with other groups and so on which in turn divides more than it brings together. If you have chaos authoritive figures can intervein and we can be dictated and stripped of our rights or freedom. 2018 seems to be headed that way it seems.

  8. Man, simon at 14:55 you just spoke my heart out… I haven't read ur book by the way… But has been going through all ur videos.. speaking about ur idea to my friendz ….. Simon Sinek, ur definitely next one for POTUS… love from INDIA

  9. I love listening to his talks, because. I together so much from it. Many talks out there are blurbs, none factual, one side analysis. He talks like "he's looking at a box from multiple angles, seeing it differently from each side", non-judge mental, just factual. He's a visionary, well-informed in politics, economy & subjects that concern us all. Effective in every way.

  10. can I translate put subtitles in this interview and put it on my channel? branding your channel of course?
    I am from Brazil and my channel is about the business environment for young people and this interviews was so inspiring to me that I would like to share with my small audience, if you allow me of course.

  11. Brilliant? I think not. He's but an echo of himself. He's arrogant, self-serving, and he has no clue. He only uses the Apple story as an example in connection wit the "why" philosophy. How can that be? Its quite simple – he has no clue whatsoever. Try applying the "why" philosophy on any other brand out there. Ohh wait – he hasn't yet. Why not? Because he can't. Too easy Mr. Sinek. You are busted. You hollow fart.

  12. I love these two guys. Simon is one of the best speakers and very inspirational. Brian is a great interviewer, listener, and very inspirational himself. Really enjoy this video.

  13. He is completely on point, for the most part. However, he disregards his involuntary bodily intuitions. The mind is only able to work as effectively as the body is recognized.

  14. its all great what he is talking – do things and help others without any expectations then world will get better place. its all good, i am like that, but how to protect yourself from being used? people see that you give and help for free, they simply take and use u. then you can to a situation when u realise to help less is better eventho i would love to help much more than i do, but feeling that u were used sux.

  15. Do you think you can directly go to your "why" without grinding so much in the beginning ? I feel like I'm always stuck financially and I don't have the money to start my startup. So I have to compromise with jobs I don't like for paychecks that barely is enough for each month to live a somewhat healthy life..

  16. Here's proof his Ted talk speach was what 2009 so 8 almost 9 years later I just discovered this guy today already shared 3 of his speeches on facebook will definitely recommend videos of his talks in person to my close friends

  17. I agree with Simon that courage is external. To survive, we need the tools, know-how, and people who we can count upon which is all external to us as an individual. As a example, any startup founder who has a larger-than-life vision needs to find that first collaborator either as a co-founder or an employee to believe in the same vision, for any work to happen. Any seasoned entrepreneur will admit it that he or she simply wouldn't do what they have done if not for having a great team that believed in their vision. There is always a person who first believed in a nut-job to do crazy stuff. And most often than not, those startups or companies where real innovation and passionate work takes place started with absolutely no resources whatsoever. Even if you knew that doing something that you believe in will bring about a change to either your life or to the others, you will still the need the faith that fellow human beings put in you regardless of your prior experience and expertise. There is a difference between being absolutely foolish and being courageous, no one remembers the person who didn't take any help from anyone to do something for their personal gain.

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