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Inspiration as key factor for productivity of your Employees

Source | The People Development Network : By Ethan 

Inspiration is a key factor for productivity 

Learning to inspire your employees is vital to the success of the business, the manager, and the employees. Inspired employees enjoy their jobs and love coming to work. Inspiration is a key factor for productivity of your employees. Creating a high self-image environment is a key to better performance from the team. This means removing anything that will hinder their performings, like rejection and the fear of failing. When the workplace is created in this way, the performance and productivity are higher, the mistakes are fewer, and the absenteeism and employee turnover are much lower.

Here are some ideas to try when you want to give your staff more inspiration.

Show employees their work is significant

If employees know their work is meaningful and significant to the company, it’s more important than credit by others or the salary received. When you establish the goals and vision of the company, let the employees be a part of making them. It will inspire them to achieve these goals, and they’ll feel their work is meaningful.

Communicate and share

After the employees have assisted in making the goals for the company, keep them updated on the progress. Set smaller goals to be reached and update your co-workers when they are achieved. Then post again when the final goal is reached. This is a great way to inspire all of them to accomplish that goal. If there is new information coming in, continually share it with them so the decisions they make will be the right ones. This communication will help inspire the employees repeatedly.

Provide well-defined job description and responsibility                                                       

Each employee must receive a description of the job and the responsibilities that come with it.  Don’t simply tell them the description, break it down by each task making everything easy to understand. It will motivate the employees because they’ll know exactly what needs to be done.  By making it all clear in the beginning, they are more content in their job and will work far better.

Provide ongoing feedback

Never blame an employee when something goes wrong. Don’t ask who but ask why!  Instead of saying, “Who messed up here?” ask “How do you think we can avoid making this mistake in the future?” It will greatly inspire, them when you turn an obvious negative into a great positive.

Show you have confidence and belief in them

Our self-esteem, being human, can be very fragile. If you don’t have confidence that the employees can do their job, they, in return, will believe the same thing. The result will be that they won’t do well. Show your subordinates that you believe in them and it will go a long way towards inspiring those people. Try to give them some room to make their own decisions. Let them run a difficult project and allow your employees to decide the way to complete it. It might be a tricky thing to do, but they must be allowed to fail once in a while. The goal of the manager is not to get angry if they do fall short.

Accept employee input

Feedback is extremely important for the leader and the employees, in the workplace.  Have your co-workers help set a few goals for the office and themselves. By doing this, they become more focused and inspired to reach these goals. Get their feedback about what’s happening at the office. By doing this often, they will feel relaxed and involved and even more inspired.

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