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Inspiration – not incentives, drive transformation

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

There are so many fascinating things happening around us. Our lives are getting transformed. You may have heard the cliche about change being the only constant (yawn). But this is not change. Change assumes that there is one big change. When that change happens, things are not the same.

When there is transformation, all the variables change at an exponential pace. That makes transformations hard to comprehend. This story is about the ten principles that helps us drive transformation.

When organisations manage change, they incentivise the teams. On successful completion of the project, the team is rewarded. The “go-live’“ of the project is reason for champagne bottles to be popped.

Transformation never gets completed. Transformation has no end-date. Things will always be in Perpetual Beta.

Greg Satell writes for HBR, Forbes etc. He invited me to do a #sketchnote for the ten principles that make transformational change happen. My favourite tip from the ten that Greg suggests:

Deal with the opposition. Do not engage with attackers until you have built momentum.

Read about the 10 Principles for Transformational Change

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