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Inspire Business Growth With These 3 Actionable Strategy Tools

By | John Courtney |

After a strong start in your business, are you seeing signs of stalling? Or have you perhaps found a business strategy that works, but now you’re wanting to accelerate growth?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then this article could help you. Every business wants to grow — for scale-ups it’s even in the name. In order to grow you need to evaluate and create an actionable strategic plan. 

This article outlines 3 actionable strategy tools as suggested by Michael Grayum that you can use today to inspire growth within your business. All you need is a laptop- not even that – just a pen and paper and some time to put your ideas together. 

Tool 1: Crisis Strategy Assessment

Nothing gets in the way of business growth like a crisis. This is because your instinct is to firefight; to keep the damage to a minimum. The Crisis Strategy Assessment (CSA) allows you to take a breath and assess the situation while looking for opportunities for growth.

This first tool is particularly prevalent to current times but it can be used to inspire growth within your business at any time. This tool helps you take stock of the situation your business is in and evaluate in order for you to strategise. 

A crisis can be anything from a global pandemic to a sudden staff shortage, and everything in between. For whatever crisis your business faces, the Crisis Strategy Assessment tool still applies. 

What this tool does is break down the crisis into manageable sections from which you can begin to maneuver your business out of the situation. It does this by asking you a series of questions: 

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