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INTERVIEWERS – 5 Things You Must Do!

Source | LinkedIn | Raj Gupta MLE℠ – Lift Others to Get Lifted

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It is imperative that we understand both ‘WHAT NOT TO DO’ and ‘WHAT TO DO’ during interviews. In my last article, I touched upon ‘What Not to Do – Top 7 Mistakes that Interviewers tend to make!

Having got a fair sense of ‘What Not to DO’ while planning/conducting an interview, we may like to take cognisance of following Do’s : – 

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1) It is always good to upfront share the details about Role & Responsibility, expected behaviors, company information, Values, Culture, Ethics, Career Development Opportunities etc. Here it is important that we are able to sell the the job to a prospective employee.

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2)While conducting interview, it is imperative that we get a feel of prospective employee previous levels of responsibilities, Understand previous roles in the context of organisations worked for and associated achievements, How problems were handled or issues resolved. At the same time, we must understand the candidate’s professional and personal aspirations.

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