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Invest in Your Business by Developing Leaders From Within

Focus on your mid-level employees to help them grow with your company

Source | | Sirmara Campbell

In today’s tight labor market, it’s important companies not only invest in training new hires and  to retain key players, but those in-between, the mid-level employees.

They’re your succession plan. They need management. Just like any group in your company, they need training and development, and this group is especially important because they are the producers of the  and the talent pipeline of potential company leaders.

I started in an entry-level role at  19 years ago, and as I grew up in the organization I didn’t know what I wanted, but I had a  who did. My manager paid  to me, sat down with me and painted that bigger picture to help me understand what I could become within the company.

Typically once people reach a certain level and tenure, they stay. They’ve overcome hurdles, had successes and reached a level of autonomy they enjoy. The key is getting them to that point. Here’s how:

Help them see the big picture.

While it’s not necessarily a challenge, something to be aware of is that employees oftentimes don’t know what they want their next career move to be. For instance, many think in order to grow their career, they need to go into management, which isn’t always the ideal role for every person. Companies can outline the different promotion tracks that employees can grow into, whether it’s a manager of people or process, and depending on which the employee is interested in, create a plan to help them get there.

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