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IoT Technologies: to the future and beyond our imagination

Source | E-globis,jp|  BY:Jorqe calvo

With the current emerging technologies Man will soon be able to get to Mars.” So said the mythical NASA astronaut Captain Scott Kelly in a working lunch that I had the pleasure of attending with various executives at the CSCMP 2016 Conference on 26 September in Orlando. Scott Kelly holds the record for the longest stay in space, standing at more than 400 days, and has participated in numerous space missions, foremost of which was the one in 2015 when he celebrated a full year aboard the International Space Station. Kelly argued that the technology that enabled Man to get to the Moon had less processing capacity than his Smart Phone and that today’s technological advances are more than capable of getting a crewed mission to Mars, 56 million kilometres away with guarantees of successfully getting them back.


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