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iPhone Hacks: 5 New Tricks added to iOS 15 Messages That You Should Know

By | Adeendren Iyan

The messaging app on the iPhone was the only popular way to communicate via text messages with your friends and family for a long time. However, with changing trends Apple has updated the messaging app to include some of the latest and breakthrough features. Now even on the iPad Apple has included the messaging app. The app has been intentionally kept as simple as possible so that it always provides a quick and easy mechanism for people to text using it. 

The update to iOS 15 added several new features that enhance the user’s experience in a lot of meaningful and exciting ways. For example, you can now customize emojis and use them as stickers. Today we will discuss these types of exciting new features which were launched with this update. Apple has also improved the algorithm of the QuickPath keyboard to make the swipe typing experience more smooth than previously. Before we begin let me tell you about a store that sells wholesale electronics at good prices, check them out here. You can also buy wholesale iPhone and then resell them at retail prices too.

Let us now begin:

  1. Handwritten Notes: Are you someone who has a bit of an artistic flair added to their personality? Then Apple has released this update for you. You can now send more personalized messages to your friends and family using this handwritten notes feature. Android also does not have this feature yet, so yes this is kind of a groundbreaking technology to have, one which you can boast about in your friend circle. To use this feature, simply press the handwriting icon on the top right corner of the iMessage app while composing a message.

2. Send Funny GIFs: Graphics Interchange Format Messages or GIFs for short are an interactive and funny way to communicate with your friends and family. Apple has made it easier to share GIFs now with the inclusion of an in-app search function with the iOS 15 update. To use this feature simply tap on the ‘A’ button which is just beside the typing box and a search bar will pop up, type in your wished keywords, and GIFs related to it will appear on your screen.

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  1. Respond To Messages With Emoji Expressions: This feature is exactly like what it is on Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps. You can respond to your friends’ messages with an emoji expression very easily in iMessage. All you need to do is double-tap the message or photo to which you want to express and then down below a lot of emoji tap back expressions will come, then just select your preferred one and send it. However, do note for seeing this feature a compatible iPhone with iOS 15 update needs to be present.

2. Camera Effects: This is a rather interesting and new way to make your conversations with your friends even more funny and lively. To use this feature simply go to the compose message box and tap the camera icon. Then take a photo of the thing you want to send, tap the effects button and select any effect of your choice. There are various effects available including a ‘Memoji’ effect. Then to send it tap the upwards arrow icon or if you want to send a personalized message along with the photo then tap done and type then click the top arrow. Also if you do not want to send the photo but only the effects then click the little cross icon on the top right side of the photo.

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  1. Full-Screen Effects: Some events like birthday or graduation ceremonies demand a grand gesture. For this reason, Apple has enabled a special feature to help you celebrate these big events in a big way. Full-Screen effects not only add a big celebratory effect but also uplights the positivity and joyous nature of any occasion. iMessages can recognize certain big event’s keywords like birthdays, congratulations, etc and when you type in these words on the chatbox a suggested screen effect automatically comes out. You can further customize the effect by holding the send button for a few seconds and whenever done simply hit the send button. The user on the other end will see a full-screen animation with balloons (Birthdays) and other animations for other keywords and will be delighted upon seeing such a message from you.


Apart from these, numerous more new tricks were added in the iOS 15 update, to cover them all it would become a lengthy article so we took only the top 5 features. There is also another feature where you can replace text words with emojis and send a message like that too. Overall iMessage has become more feature-loaded than before but at the same time, Apple did not clutter the app with too many features too. Apple has smartly placed a lot of features yet kept the basic interface and function as simple as possible.

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