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IQ Scores of Different Job Positions

By | Tom Siani

Finding a high-profile job is the dream of every student. They’re always asking about the requirements of getting a good job to know if they’re qualified.

Of course, being smart is a unique characteristic you might have for a vast range of jobs. So if you want to reach your dream job, you have to be smart enough.

In this article, we’re going to let you know how you can figure out your level of intelligence and the required IQ score for different jobs.

What is Intelligence Quotient (IQ)?

An intelligence scale is a statistical measure of people’s ability to solve problems and think critically. An IQ test measures this item, and your IQ level shows your intelligence.

Your IQ test score tells you how well you can perform various mental functions compared to people your age. It is a systematic way of comparing your cognitive abilities with your peers.

The theoretical average IQ of the world population is usually 100. Below is a list of the different IQ ranges and the types of people who fall in each range:

Above 140 means you are a genius or close to a genius. You have exceptional intelligence if you have an IQ level between 120 and 140.

High intelligence means an IQ between 110-119. Regular or average intelligence ranges from 90 to 109. The dull level is 80 to 89. IQ of 70 to 79 is considered retarded. Finally, an IQ below 70 means you are mentally retarded.

Job positions with IQ scores between 108 and 100

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Designer 
  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Bookkeeper
  • Store Manager
  • Drafter
  • Lab Tester/tech 
  • Credit Clerk
  • General Sales
  • Assistant Manager
  • Telephone Sales
  • Secretary

Job positions with IQ scores between 115 and 110

  • Purchasing Agent
  • Accountant
  • Analyst
  • Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Supervisor 
  • Sales Accountant Executive 
  • Teacher
  • Programmer
  • Registered Nurse

Job positions with IQ scores between 130 and 116

  • Auditor
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • Editor
  • Research Analyst
  • Attorney 
  • Trainee
  • Advertising Manager
  • Systems Analyst
  • Chemist
  • Executive 

The best online IQ tests

If you want to know which job is right for you based on your IQ, you can take one of the following online tests to determine your IQ level.


This test is one of the most popular online tests to measure your IQ. has 20 detailed questions that easily measure your IQ level.

One important thing about this test is that it asks you to remember your age because it calculates your IQ based on the age of the candidates to compare them with their peer group.


IQ EXAM is one of the best online intelligence tests recently released by researchers at McGill University.

You will be asked to answer 30 questions, and after passing the exam, you will receive a valid certificate with your results. You can also find an explanation of the results on their website, which is a great resource for understanding the science behind the IQ test.

My Personality

As the name suggests, My Personality is a free online personality test. The owners claim to offer an accurate test that can show all the candidates’ personality traits. This test aims to help people better understand themselves so they can better use their strengths in their lives.


If you are looking for an online IQ test without participation, 123Test is a great choice.

123Test offers the best sample questions for practice, making it an excellent resource for those feeling stressed. It gives accurate scores, correct answers, and ratings, so you know if you qualify for a job with a high IQ.

It also has a limited demo test, but it gives you a better idea of ​​what you can expect from the test.

Final thoughts

IQ is an important factor, but not everything. If you find that your IQ level is not high enough for a certain job, do not be discouraged. Many skills help people specialize and develop in their work. Try to focus on your strengths, and don’t give up.

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