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Is Chivalry dead?

Source |  | Shital Kakkar Mehra, Business Etiquette & Cross-cultural expert; Business Communication Coach for CXOs


Chivalry comes from the French word ‘chevalier’ and was a moral code of conduct practiced by the knights of Medieval Europe. This ‘male-only’ bastion celebrated honor, courage and integrity to protect the weaker people in their society. Interestingly, chivalry and culture are interlinked – it continues to be practiced in its traditional form in male-dominated Eastern societies whereas in equality-driven Western societies chivalry is viewed as an act of kindness.

In today’s world of business, chivalry has been redefined – it’s no longer gender-specific. Common questions related to chivalry in modern workplaces are:

·       Who pays for a business meal? The person who invites (i.e. the host) pays.

·       Who stands when greeting, shaking hands or exchanging business cards? Both men and women should stand when meeting and greeting their business associates.


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