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Is Everyone Else Freaking Out About Starting a New Job, or Is It Just Me?

By | Chante Owens |

If you’ve ever gone to the beach and waded into the shallow part of the ocean, there’s a good chance you were standing in the littoral zone. This transitional area between dry land and open water is rife with sunlight and nutrients, making it an ideal ecosystem for plants to thrive. To step into the littoral zone is to enter a dynamic, in-between space, one where the security of solid ground is behind you and the promise of wild possibility is ahead of you. I recently found myself caught in the corporate-world equivalent of the littoral zone, standing between the familiar ground of an old job and the uncharted waters of a new opportunity.

About a month ago, I decided to leave a job that I mostly loved. I’d been a senior marketing manager for a health information company for just under three years, two of which were spent working from home because of the pandemic. During my tenure, I helped grow the brand’s digital footprint and I got to work with a lovely team of people who, in the end, felt more like friends than anything. But in my last year at the company, things started to feel stagnant. The parts of the role that once presented healthy challenges for me had become uncomplicated, routine matters. I found myself feeling bored and boxed in, stuck on dry land and struggling to see a path for growth.

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