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Is It Better to Apply Through a Company’s Own Website Instead of a Job Board?

By | Alyse Kalish |

Today’s the day you apply for that job. Your materials are ready to go, but as you’re browsing around one last time you discover that the role you’re interested in is posted not just on the company’s careers page, but also on LinkedIn and various job boards.

Uh… you think to yourself, desperately trying to figure out the best route to take. You wonder if there’s a reason why it’s posted on multiple platforms, or if applying one way is better than another. Your biggest fear is taking the path that could hurt your chances of getting in front of the hiring manager.

To help you make a decision (because you can’t sit frozen there forever), I talked to a couple experts.

When You Apply on a Job Board, Where Does Your Resume Go?

For the most part, no matter where you submit your application, it ends up in the same place—the company’s applicant tracking system. (An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a type of software a company uses to collect and manage job applications.)

“A very small company may not have an applicant tracking system, and so those resumes will end up going to someone’s email address. And that might either be one email address or they may set up separate email addresses for the different sources,” says Liz Dooley, who’s currently Chief Talent Finder at Liz Dooley Recruiting, LLC and has been working in the recruiting space for over 18 years.

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