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Is It Better To Quit — Or Wait To Get Fired?

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I’m in a bad situation at work. I’ve been minimizing the problem but last week I came out of my fog and acknowledged to myself (and my wife) that my boss and his boss are definitely trying to get rid of me.

I understand why they are disappointed that they hired me but I do not accept blame for that. The role is new and poorly-designed, and this was the principal topic I pressed on in my three interviews with the company. There are four founders and each of them has a completely different view of my role.

I went to their executive team meeting and presented on my role and my goals. You may know the feeling of talking to people who are not focused on the conversation and who don’t attend to your words.

I could tell when I left that meeting that nothing would change, and nothing has changed since then. I am constantly on call to all four founders. There are major issues in the company and I have become a lightning rod for all of them.

That’s why my boss wants me out. I am doing my best at keeping four founders and my Director happy but it’s an impossible task — and I am not someone who shies away from challenges!

The disagreements between the founders are strategic and personal, and some of them go back years. I’ve had enough of being at the eye of the hurricane with these people.

Will they fire me? I have no idea. They haven’t fired me yet but the tension is definitely high. Should I quit on  my own, or wait to get fired?



Dear Jason,

Context is everything in a situation like this. If you are looking to stay in a small industry where the news that you had been fired from your current job would make it harder for you to get a new job, then you might want to quit before that happens.

Of course, if your founders are known as goofballs or amateurs then you might not care.

Employers typically won’t tell other employers “We fired Jason” through official channels, but in a close-knit industry official channels are beside the point.

There is a third option apart from quitting or getting fired. If you feel that the founders are reluctant to fire you but you know that they and you would be happier if you left, you can go to your boss and propose a soft landing.

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