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Is it Possible to Scale Rapidly with a Flexible Team?

Source | JobsforHer : By Schonali

In less than 2 years since inception, there is a tech startup in Bangalore that boasts of:

► A pan-India presence

► Top-of-the-mind awareness in its category

► 13 lakh social media reach

► 1.5 lakh monthly visitors, and

► 1600 clients – Capgemini, Citi, GenpactMindtree, Yes Bank, Unilever, to name a few

As their customer base has grown, so has the startup’s offering, quickly plugging every major pain-point addressed by its audience. This startup has also captured the attention of Indian publications like Times of India, Femina, Economic Times,and Business Standard, as well as been covered extensively by YourStory, Huffington Post (and here), etc.

You would picture a startup like this to be founded by…

an experienced ruthless specialist who has no bigger priority than the company HE is building, and leading a team of young single men who are plying away at their desks from morning to late at night, no matter whether weekdays or weekends.

Instead, picture this…

This startup has been founded by a woman with 2 little kids and after taking a break in her career for 3.6 years during which time she was a full-time mommy.

The team? The statistics speak for themselves: 66% are mothers, 70% have restarted their careers after a break, 45% work part-time or from home, 30% bring their kids to work!

All here to prove that this is a possible dream.

Even in the crazy fast-paced world of tech startups, it is possible to grow and scale rapidly while providing flexibility to your team.  And by flexibility, I mean flexibility of mindset.

The 55% of our team members who work “full-time from the office” work with the comfort that if they are needed at home to take care of their sick child or parent, they can easily opt to work-from-home that day.  

Even at this early stage of the company’s lifecycle, we have carved out a “kid’s zone” in the office so moms can bring their kids to work if they need to.  Our Manager, Creative Content, is working from Toronto all of December to spend quality time with her parents; our Manager, Digital Marketing, is working from Madurai for two months to take care of her hospitalized mother; our Manager, Customer Success, has taken a month-long sabbatical to rejuvenate after some personal emergencies.

And work doesn’t just continue; it doesn’t just progress. Work flourishes.

Because all through this journey, our eye remained focused on deliverables.  We couldn’t care less about how late you stay back in the office, but we do care if you met your deadlines.  We couldn’t care less if you didn’t once open your laptop during the weekend, but we do care that you are available whenever the need arises.  We don’t care that you don’t make it to office parties, but we do care that you support your colleagues through good and difficult times.

That’s the kind of company we have built and that’s what brings us to work every Monday with smiling faces, guilt-free hearts, and a bounce in our steps.

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