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Is PEMF Machine Safe to use?

By | Sofia Ella

What is PEMF? Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) or low field magnetic stimulation (LFMS) is a noninvasive technology that stimulates and encourages the body’s natural recovery process using electromagnetic waves.

A normal healthy cell’s voltage is about – 25 millivolts. We begin to become ill when that voltage drops under – 25 millivolts or less. (1). by inciting a gentle electrical attractive flow into harmed cells, PEMF devices restore normal cell collaboration. This way vitality increases and quicker tissue mending happens.

PEMF master Dr. Gary Ryan, known as “The Energy Doctor,” clarifies, “In view of a great deal of examination that was done at Yale, it is obvious that pretty much any pathology in the body is gone before by a drop in cell charge. Presently we have innovation that will reach down to the degree of a cell that has lost charge and take that pulse back to ordinary or a more typical circumstance, which permits it to imitate and create a more typical cell.

Nerve cells are the main cells in the body that contain the power, so when you are utilizing an earth-based electromagnetic frequency, your cells will react instinctively.

But the first question that arises in the mind of anyone who is considering using a PEMF machine is “is PEMF machine safe to use?” Let’s answer this question first.

Is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Safe?

The answer is “Yes”. The intensity of pulsed electromagnetic waves and their exposure time are the two most important things to consider while discussing the safety of PEMF. The frequency of electromagnetic waves used in PEMF therapy is usually low. Most of them fall in the range of 5-30Hz.This is similar to those you would encounter in nature, even less than a thunderstorm.

Moreover, most of the PEMF therapy sessions last for 10-20 minutes. During these sessions, the PEMF machines burst electromagnetic frequencies in areas of body and brain requiring healing.

In one study, under intense TMS or rTMS treatment programs, no significant side effects were seen. One patient received 70 treatment sessions over 12 months, or 420,000 pulses, with no side effects. One 75-year old patient received 130 sessions over 26 months with a total number of 156,000 stimuli, while 7 patients received 60 sessions over 12 months with a total number of 72,000 stimuli. (Rossia)  (2)

 This implies that PEMF therapy is generally a safe alternative technique for most people. However, there are certain people who should not use PEMF machines. But that does not mean PEMF machines are dangerous for everyone.

What Are The Contraindications for PEMF?

There are a few medical conditions where the use of PEMF machines is contraindicated.

  • The first of them is the use of pacemakers because they use battery systems. Direct Magnetic field exposure on these devices may shut them off or may interfere with their functions.
  • One of the major advantages of PEMFs is improved immune response as they are found to stimulate the immune system. Their use is thus contraindicated in people who have undergone an organ transplant. Kidney or liver recipients are already on immunosuppressant to prevent the recognition of a donor’s organ as foreign and its rejection. Exposure to PEMFs can stimulate a more aggressive rejection process in these patients. 
  • PEMFs are also not recommended during pregnancy. This is due to a lack of research and evidence for its safety rather than due to its risk profile.
  • PEMFs should be used carefully in active bleeding as the platelet aggregation may be reduced during PEMF. Other conditions that require proper medical care for the use of PEMF machines include myasthenia Gravis, hyperthyroidism, active tuberculosis, or acute viral diseases.

Is PEMFT Right for You?

If you are not using pacemakers, have not undergone an organ transplant, and are not pregnant, PEMF is completely safe for you. It can surprisingly improve your health and quality of life.

The genuine key to a successful PEMF therapy for back pain is to purchase a PEMF device like PEMF mats that give the best possible frequencies that is receptive to the human body. PEMF mats are not intended to substitute any therapeutic regimen for back pain recommended by your doctor, but they can be a great addition to it. PEMF is effective with its “Pain Control” and “Enhanced mental capacity” mechanisms.


Various clinical professionals consider PEMF treatment as a for the most part safe and non-intrusive method. The greater part of the side effects vanishes to decline as the treatment advances and the body turns out to be increasingly more familiar with PEMF treatment. Most patients show fewer aftereffects or unfavorable impacts when some supplements are regulated before PEMF treatment is begun. Take incredible consideration while picking a PEMF treatment brand since you need to utilize a legitimate maker with regard to your wellbeing. The aftereffects can likewise be overseen by taking a lot of water previously, during, and after treatment.

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