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Is the Government meant to Serve or to Rule ?

By | Ramesh Ranjan | Editor www.humanengineers.com

Wonder if the Government of India is a Public Service organisation and the officials over there are Public Servants or RULERS. Day in and Day out the ordinary happless citizen of this Country is subject to a plethora of rules, taxes and harassed from every possible angle and department. For any lapse on the part of the hapless citizen, the Government machinery is quick to pounce on them and levy a plethora of fines, penalty etc. However for the numerous lapses on the part of the Government for years there is no accountability and certainly no relief for the common man.

Look at the draconian Traffic Rules & Fines in India

  • Plastic use…. Fine 5000/-
  • Delay in filiing Tax Payment / Returns – pay interest/ penalty
  • Share every transaction with the IT Department
  • Delay in Property Tax payment – pay interest
  • To get Death Certificate – run from pillar to post and pay SERVICE CHARGES !!!!!

However for our Government (our Public Servants or RULERS ?????) is there any regulation ?

  • Delay in Government Projects…..No one responsible
  • Traffic regulations on busy Intersection, Roads etc…..No one responsible
  • Potholes on roads… No one responsible
  • Non working signal lights.. No one responsible
  • No street lights …..No one responsible
  • No water …..No one responsible
  • Dug road no repairs… No one responsible
  • Political Flex banners on road… No one responsible
  • Encroached footpath.. No one Responsible
  • Overflowing Garbage bins on road… No one responsible…..
  • Delay in getting Khatha Certificate….No one is responsible

 Looks like public are the only culprit and liable to be fined.

Administration and government is no way responsible. No rules and regulations implies on them. They are never responsible for any problems. They are not to be blamed. After all they are the RULERS.

Citizens are the only who will work… Who will suffer pain…will pay tax… Will pay fine… Keep the government treasury filled……. Our efforts… Their enjoyment!!!

And as

Its about high time a Government Accountability Bill is passed and the Government is liable to pay similar interests, penalty and be accountable to the citizens who have elected them and employed them. Its about time the Government Officials realise that they are not the RULERS but PUBLIC SERVANTS.

And no wonder ACHE DIN is a long distance away and not in our Life time

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