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Is The Recruitment Industry Dying!

Source | LinkedIn : By Nigam Desai

The dynamics have changed, disruption has happened and while the demand is at an all-time high, the mediums catering it are dying a slow death.

Yes, from the outside, the recruitment industry is growing exponentially with a never ceasing need for talents. And clients investing primarily in nurturing existing employees & acquiring best talents to work for them. It’s a win-win market for recruiters and investors at the macro level where everything is glossy and imaginative, but at the micro level, the industry has been contaminated with market stinkers who are slowly and gradually taking down the entire recruitment market.

So what does the current ecosystem look like at the micro level? Certainly cluttered, infected, uncompetitive and battling either the lost battle or the irrelevant one. How? Please follow the below stated:

Availability of Job portal to Employers and Job Seekers

If the head is a client and the tail is a job seeker then the toss is costing the recruiters.

The RISE of the digital age has been the FALL of many industries including our own. Prospect Clients have access to relentless job applications and the often confused job seekers are countless in terms of applying for jobs. And all of this not at the luxury of a recruitment firm, but at the fate of the Job portals.

Job portals have digested the fruits of the recruitment firms and a login server is all that it takes to hire the best breed (So to say) of job seekers a company wish to invest money & time in.

Window Shopping – an ego massage?

Applying for jobs is more of a gamble and less of a need. One would never know if the application is for a job or an ego massage of remuneration.

As aforestated, the advent of job portals has changed the dynamics of the hiring industry. Window shopping of jobs being one of the eventuality. Jobs seekers (or working professionals) today try to measure their market share by applying for different roles whilst being professionally stable. Applying for jobs, getting a hefty pay scale and doing so time & again, and with different companies is like an ego massage which inevitably leads to unfortunate pay hike gamble with the current companies.

Hiring is rare but the pace with which the process is conducted has increased tremendously. Job seekers today say no to offers like never before – diluting, degrading and demeaning the credibility of the hiring agency.

Agencies have a huge role to play here by identifying the unethical practices of some of the profiles and sharing those profiles with other recruitment firms. A penalty of blacklisting these profiles can go a long way in ending the never-ending exercise of window shopping,

Hiring battle: Merit V/S Influencers

Unfair practices of hiring is a murder of competition and the death of a Recruitment firm’s functionality.

Making your way to the top or leveraging your influencers in a recruitment agency disrupts the hiring cycle. Which is professed to be only on the merit basis! Companies need the best talents & the talent’s search for professional growth is only bridged by recruitment agencies but on the merit basis (Introspection needed)?

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