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Is this the office’s last stand?

By | Emma Goldberg |

Colleen McCreary recently gave managers at Credit Karma a message that could seem more apt for rising sixth graders than personal finance executives.

“Back to school is coming,” McCreary, the company’s chief people officer, recalled telling managers. “We’re getting excited about all of these returning-in-the-fall type activities.”

The company has been trying to get employees back to the office regularly for more than a year. First, the vaccine rollout gave executives hope that the office would be full again. Then there was “Wine Down Wednesday” in the company’s Charlotte, North Carolina, location, and kombucha by the firepit in the Oakland, California, building. Now Credit Karma’s leaders are relying on a different incentive: Labor Day. The latest corporate magical thinking is that September will herald the grand refilling of cubicles around the country.

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