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Is This Your Party?

Source | LinkedIn : By Neha Bagaria

So you’re in the corner office. On your way to the C-suite. On your own terms. After negotiating years of systemic prejudice because you happen to be a woman. After negating centuries of myths that decreed you wouldn’t make it, because you didn’t have what it takes, because you ‘worked like a woman’.

JobsForHer is hosting a celebration for rockstars like you. The JobsForHer  #MentorForHer programme is designed to put women back where they belong… in the work-space. You’ve got the blueprint, so this is YOUR party. We hope you’re able to attend.

In the meantime, some of this, maybe ALL of this, will sound familiar.

1) While your colleague waited for you to ask for help with a project, the copier, opening a door… anything.

YOU were too busy changing the world around you to pay attention.


2) While a colleague applied for a promotion, they weren’t quite prepared for.

YOU made the Corner office in style


3) While a colleague held forth on how women have it easy because they don’t have to work the night shift.

YOU were like “Dude, am I saving you at the next presentation? Again?”


4) When there’s a joke about the Vishakha Commitee

‘Nuff said. 

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