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Leading expert Vivek Wadhwa on how to avoid the dark side of technology


  • In tech, big doesn’t automatically mean bad.
  • 55% of Americans believe big tech makes their lives better by promoting innovation and their standing around the world.
  • In the U.K. trust in technology fell during the pandemic, despite a surge in usage.

Renowned technologist Vivek Wadhwa joins UNLEASH CEO Marc Coleman to discuss the possibilities of using technology for good.

Wadhwa, a distinguished fellow at Harvard Law School and Silicon Valley native urges HR leaders to understand and utilize the positive impact of tech for employee and business success. But he warns them not to lean into to “dark side” like some big tech CEOs — namely Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who he claims has failed on his responsibilities.

“The role of HR has increased exponentially because employment has been disrupted. Employees are in a state of panic right now because they don’t know what the future of work looks like,” Wadhwa says.

“You have to understand the change in employee needs and the trauma they may have been through and guide them from that perspective. Then HR leaders need to understand that they will be disrupted also unless you understand the changing technology trends and the new tools and techniques available.”

Wadhwa says it comes down to how companies and big tech uses human data. This, he says, is where it can either be a force for good, or bad. “What AI enables, which is data analysis and the trends within your company and outside the company, to the new software that’s available. You have to adapt to the new methods and new processes and upgrade your services…otherwise, you too are going to be unemployed.”

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