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IT Careers in High Demand During 2022

By | Regina Thomas

In terms of its speed, statistics, and growth rates, the technology market has exceeded all previous levels of impressiveness. This industry’s expenditures are believed to increase by 5.5% by 2021. In other words, their expenditures will total a staggering $4.5 trillion. In addition, Statista predicts that this rise will undoubtedly continue. Therefore, these are the most sought-after tech careers in 2022.

1. Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An AI architect creates, manages, and controls AI efforts inside an enterprise. An AI architect should have extensive mathematical and statistical skills. Moreover, an AI architect will

  • Solid programming abilities and familiarity with Python, R, and Torch
  • Learn how TensorFlow and comparable technologies operate.
  • Understand the technologies associated with AI, such as machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning.

The average annual income of an AI architect exceeds $110,000. However, there are several high-paying opportunities available in the AI field.

2. Web Developer

The responsibility of web developers is to create web-based solutions that meet corporate objectives. A capable web developer can code and script apps, construct and optimize a secure web page, administer many online applications, interact effectively with stakeholders, and do regular site audits and maintenance. A huge range of abilities and experiences belong under web development, so you will want to select a web developer with the skills your firm requires. Typically, organizations want web developers with expertise using popular frameworks and programming languages. Competencies and experience to seek:

  • Communication abilities are necessary for working closely with customers to ascertain their needs.
  • Front-end and back-end coding expertise
  • Manage deployments across several settings, including the cloud.

3. Software Developer

Software engineers are accountable for the development and maintenance of software programs. Consequently, they are essential to the evolution of procedures inside businesses. Software Engineers will meet with Software Developers and Business Analysts to determine the optimal business software solution. The software engineer must be able to recommend the most suitable programming language and framework. In addition, they must have a solid grasp of data structures, data methods, and software design. The average software engineer’s pay is around £65,000.

4. Cybersecurity Professional

Every organization needs cybersecurity specialists to safeguard its and its customers’ data.

Cybersecurity specialist utilizes their technological knowledge and training to protect an organization’s sensitive data against internal and external dangers, such as cybercrime and illegal access. With a thorough grasp of the unique threats inside and beyond the firm’s IT ecosystem, they maintain strict vigilance over corporate data from the entrance to storage to departure and develop plans to avoid proactively and methodically responding to breaches.

As a member of a bigger team, the cybersecurity expert can detect, identify, and mitigate hazards in real-time and is also aware of any emerging dangers. In October, it was reported that the number of data breaches surpassed that of the previous year, underscoring the significance of this position.

5. Blockchain Architect

A blockchain engineer specializes in designing and implementing blockchain-based architecture and solutions. By 2023, global expenditure on blockchain solutions is projected to exceed $15.9 billion, indicating that blockchain specialists will be in high demand across sectors and regions.

A blockchain engineer should have good programming abilities and a comprehensive grasp of the technologies behind Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, along with consensus processes and the security protocol stacks and crypto libraries and functions.

Over $150,000 is the average annual compensation of a blockchain developer. You may also use the blockchain engineer career guide to learn about the learning route. Top talents and techniques to develop a successful career in this industry are also explained why it is considered one of the most demanded careers. If you want to find an expert blockchain developer, you may visit BlockchainDevs and Hire a DeFi Developer now!

6. Network/cloud designer

A network/cloud architect is accountable for planning, developing, implementing, managing, and updating a business’s network and cloud projects and applications. In addition to networking, programming, and security expertise, network cloud architects often have a deep grasp of numerous operating systems. Employers should seek candidates with a deep understanding of cloud services such as Web Services and vendor management. You can use services like Pittsburgh network support which can provide you with high-tech solutions.


Companies have undergone a significant digital change in recent years. Companies invest in cutting-edge technologies to boost productivity and gain a competitive advantage. Consequently, the need for IT and tech experts have increased and will continue to grow.

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