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It is worth being Man or Women of Substance than leading a Insignificant life

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajesh DebRoy

Welcome to the Brand “New you” The Greatest Women of  Earth I salute you .I start doing so  thanking  my Mom first -what about you who impressed you & inspired you too do Salute & help em Shine like  Diamonds !!

Yes i am dedicating  this post first thanking my beloved Mom for her kind greatness who left for heavenly aboard followed with thanks to  wife daughter Sisters friends Family Colleagues Neighbors Leaders bosses i worked for and all men & Women of substance i see in them.As while i am grown from childhood to being a professional i see amazing life in the eyes of moms of the world which is  full of unconditional love  can any other relation beat same may be never may be not  .The way she helped raising her children is worth the salute .That is i am sure that each one who would be reading this article would agree with me as the real God in earth if any would be existing is no one had seen yet but parents full of examples to learn from would be worth your prays and care .While you read this post till last only thing in return i expect of you is nothing but a big million dollars hugs to your mom n dad thanking them for raising you to help read the best and learn the rest and thanking well wishers  for wishing best of  lucks in testing times of your life you believe & above all  thanking Supreme power The great almighty lord  The Gurus for ensuring their presence & constant continuous  showers of blessings  in our life Amen !!

I believe that is the substance we seek in people we meet & greet isn’t,that is true search for true soul mates not only by marriage but dealing with day to day affairs in life isn’t ?

I respect the spirit of women in women as they are generator of power & drives the world crazy .Imagine world’s best movie without a women star in it .Imagine mother nature without sprinkle of natural beauties all across to cherish ,Is that a possibility you could dream of .Imagine if you were to get raised without your mom being next to you ,imagine the epitome of love without women of dream next to you .Still do you need some more examples ?

“To me, a woman of substance is a woman whose life means something, who’s  gone through adversity and even if she didn’t “win” comes out on the other end stronger, smarter; a woman who supports others and/or out-and-out leads — despite the cost. A woman who “uses” her life… she isn’t a spectator. She’s part of the solution, albeit only for her own small world of family and friends.” 

Paraphrasing the quote in the question details in order to extract a ‘person of substance’ definition, one could say that:

“A person of substance is someone who strives to live a life that means something and who chooses to participate rather than be a spectator in life in order to be part of the solution as opposed to the problem.”

Breaking it down further to discover what makes a person of substance, we could ask the questions: What drives a person to make meaning, to actively participate and to seek solutions? and How can I imbibe this mindset in my own life?

Maybe by looking at each of these factors in turn, we may well discover how we could become a person of substance.

Making meaning

The 101 of making meaning is to find a cause outside of your self. While it is natural and accepted that we humans are self-absorbed, it’s a cause that benefits just one person among billions and would hardly resonate on the significance scale. See, significance demands a cause that benefits the ‘greater good’ as Guy Kawasaki explains in his book “The Art of the Start”.

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