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IT sector witnessing highest discrepancy at 16.60% in employee background verification: AuthBridge

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Eight out of 100 candidates misled or misinformed on job applications in 2020 with the IT sector witnessing the highest discrepancy in employee background verification at 16.60 per cent, according to identity management and business intelligence firm AuthBridge. Despite a drop in the overall discrepancy in the last three years, AuthBridge said in its sixth annual trend report that the healthcare sector had the second-highest discrepancy at 12 per cent, followed by retail at 10.22 per cent and BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) and pharma with discrepancy of 9.76 per cent and 9.65 per cent, respectively.

The travel and hospitality sector with 9.58 per cent also featured in the list of sectors with the highest discrepancy ratios, the report said.

“Eight out of 100 candidates lie or misinform during job application,” the report said.

Candidates between the age of 35 to 39 years have the highest discrepancy rate at 9.09 per cent, indicating bigger incentives for candidates in this age-bracket to fudge their credentials for better job opportunities, it added.

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