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It’s FAIR to say that AI Is fundamentally reshaping Manufacturing

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From air bags to zippers, manufacturing defects are costly and damaging to business reputation.

Manufacturers have long turned to inspectors and image recognition systems to spot inconsistencies in products before they’re shipped – with mixed results. If the quality control status quo were fail-safe, recalls would be a thing of the past.

Fortunately, smart manufacturers are looking to the future with innovative quality control systems like Fujitsu Advanced Image Recognition (F|AIR) that couples image recognition with AI.

The consequences of failing to identify manufacturing defects

Here’s the scenario: you’re a steel manufacturer with shipments going to customers around the world. In many cases, the integrity of buildings, bridges and other critical infrastructure hinges on the quality of your products.

If there’s a defect in what you’re producing, the best case scenario is that you catch it early, scrap the defective units and find out how to correct the problem when you remake the faulty batch, which is expensive and time-consuming.

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