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It’s not HR’s job to make employees happy!

Source | LinkedIn : By Sreejith Krishnan G

When it comes to creating an organization culture employees love and don’t want to leave, employee happiness is the metric that really matters.

Consider this research posted by the Wall Street Journal, Gallup and the iOpener Institute ,

  • Happy employees are productive employees
  • Happy employees are the ones who make an organization culture great
  • Happy employees are more likely to go out of the way to help their colleagues
  • Happy employees stay twice as long in their jobs as their least happy colleagues
  • Happy and engaged employees are more likely to recommend their organization to a friend

 Concentrating efforts on employee happiness is the most direct and powerful way to impact organization’s success. Ultimately happiness will be the most important competitive advantage!

 Happy Employees 🙂  > Happy Client 🙂 > Great Revenues $ > Repeat business $

So what makes employees happy at work place? There are so many elements, the HR team of most organizations focus on following areas to increase employee happiness level,

Employee Engagement

Employee Motivation

Employee Recognition

Employee Communication

Employee engagement activities definitely create a positive and vibrant work culture. But, is that enough to make someone happy at work?

In one of my previous roles, I was the Chief Fun Officer of my organization. I was responsible for making employees happy at work through different org wide employee engagement initiatives. Believe it or not, my core job function was to plan parties, organize DJ nights, family days, fun on the floor events, reward programs, cultural and sports competitions, hobby clubs etc. I was in the serious business of fun. I had a great time but not all employees did! Here is why :

Only less than 20% of employees participated in Org wide employee engagement initiatives. Most of them find it challenging to take time out from their busy schedule, even if they are interested. The experience is for a very short period, after the event they are back to their old state. Happiness is a very subjective experience. It’s not what we do once in a while like an annual mega event or a celebrity rewards & recognition function that makes employee happy. It’s what we do everyday consistently that shapes the culture of an organization. HR team can come up with fancy employee engagement initiatives but the impact is only for few hours or days. When it comes to happiness, the quantity and quality really matters.

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