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“It’s Not My Fault” – Six Imperative Rules of Management

By | Ruth King |

How many times have you heard “It’s not my fault” from an employee when
it really IS that employee’s fault? He is making excuses about why he didn’t do
his job. If he really can’t do the job either training is necessary, or a
career readjustment is necessary (my euphemism for firing someone). He has to
do what he was hired for or you don’t need that employee.

Employees must be personally responsible for their work.  This is one of the toughest things to teach
employees because most of them have grown up not taking personal responsibility
for anything…and the media promotes this!

In addition to employees not taking personal responsibility for their actions,
managers being friends with employees also drives me nuts.

Welcome to the world of management. 
Here are six things managers MUST remember and manage by:

1. You can’t be friends with the employees who work with you.

This is probably the toughest lesson to learn. If you’ve promoted from
within or a new manager is hired from outside the company, the manager must be
friendly but he can’t be friends

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